420 Friendly: What Is it? & What Does It Mean?

420 Friendly: What Is it? & What Does It Mean?

If you're reading this even if you haver never smoked weed, you have without a doubt heard the term "420" before and at least have some clue about what 420 means. The term "420" is synonymous with cannabis buzz words and is growing in popularity as more states legalize cannabis for adults. 420 friendly is another new buzz word that is starting to pop up more and more especially when it comes to talking with others on their recreational habits and even businesses, or hotels and their policies surrounding cannabis use.

In short 420 friendly is a discreet way of saying a person or business that is accepting or allows cannabis consumption without any negative consequences or judgment. However there are a lot of new use cases for the term so keep reading to stay up to date on how people use the term.

While smoking cannabis has long been something that people shy away from sharing, in recent years with laws changing it has become much more main stream. You can now book hotels that are "420 friendly" meaning they allow guests to smoke cannabis in their rooms or have designated smoking areas. There are many uses for the term "420 friendly" and it's important to understand the ways in which people are using it nowadays.

What Does "420 Friendly" Actually Mean?

For starters if you're casually speaking with a person and you are interested in learning if they are a cannabis consumer you might ask them if they are "420 friendly". If they are a smoker they will instantly know what you mean and likely will give you a big smile and a head nod of approval. If they aren't they will either quickly say no or have no clue what you're talking about. They obviously don't know what 420 friendly means.

In recent years 420-friendly has more uses than just asking someone if they smoke. Restaurants, hotels, bars and other establishments might list that they are "420 friendly" which means they allow you to consume cannabis without worry of being chastised by other guests or staff. These business will either allow open consumption anywhere on site or have a dedicated area for you to partake.

One common misconception for a lot of places though however is 420 friendly does not always mean you can opening smoke regular bongs, or joints. Some places will only allow cannabis edibles, or vaporizes. This is likely to cut down on the smell that normal smoking omits. And in a closed space with a ton of people smoking away it can be overwhelming for some people. Be sure to call ahead and ask before showing up to a 420 friendly business so you can understand exactly what 420 friendly means to them specifically.

How Did The Term "420 Friendly" Start?

Just like the popular term 420 that has its own myths and speculation of its origins. 420 friendly is a spin off that which now has many different applications when speaking and advertising. Just like how a restaurant or building might let customers know they are "dog friendly", 420 friendly serves the same purpose. It was more so just a natural progression of the term 420 that has evolved with more states legalizing and allowing consumption in public spaces. The 420 friendly phrase has become common place on dating sites, hotel listings and apartment applications. Cannabis has become much more socially acceptable in recent years and is only continuing to grow in acceptance.

What Can Be 4/20 Friendly?

Is a person 420 friendly:

Like mentioned above a person might ask you if you're 420 friendly as a discreet way of asking if you consume cannabis. Maybe they have a joint they want to share with you, you never know unless you ask! Some people might not consume themselves but are ok with others consuming in their presence. It's always good to be respectful of other peoples opinions.

What is a 420 friend?

Thats your best friend or friends that you enjoy smoking with most. That group of people that anytime you get together for a sesh its nothing but laughter and good times. These are the type of people you want more of in your life because they only bring out the best in you and good vibes.

420 Friendly Businesses:

With the explosion of the legal cannabis industry in many states more and more businesses are allowing guests to consume cannabis at their businesses. However don't just show up and light up a fat joint, make sure to check ahead to find out what their policy is. They might only allow vape pens or edibles. If its an outside business chances are anything goes.

Nowadays some businesses are dedicated to being a 420 friendly place for like minded people to gather and partake together. This is the case for many bars and restaurants in legal states where they even make cannabis part of the experience.

Air BnBs and Hotels That are 420 Friendly:

Many Air BnB hosts in legalize states might indicate if they allow cannabis consumption at their properties by stating they are 420 friendly. If you are renting in a non legal state we highly recommend not consuming as it's not only illegal but disrespectful to the host.

Many hotels and in legal states or sites dedicated to finding cannabis friendly places to stay will let you know if they allow cannabis consumption by stating they are 420 friendly. Large hotel chains that operate in several different states can be tricky as they likely follow standard company policy across all locations that might not allow cannabis consumption of any kind.

420 Friendly Dating Apps

Finding a life partner and someone that shares the same values as you can be tough. If cannabis is a major part of your life wether recreationally or medical its important you find a significant other that is ok with your 420 lifestyle. Many dating apps now include 420 friendly tags to let potential matches know if you smoke or not. There are even some dating apps strictly for cannabis consumers which then you know without a doubt everyone on the app is 420 friendly.

Be Respectful Of Non 420 Friendly People

Not everyone consumes cannabis or may even be against its use all together and thats ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you should respect that. You should never defy any businesses orders or persons home that clearly states they are not 420 friendly. Being respectful and understanding is what will continue to push the cannabis industry forward.

To Wrap It Up

So if you stuck around and read all about the meaning and origin of the 420 friendly slang term you can see its more than just a funny buzz word. Its a growing way of life and one that is becoming significantly more main stream. Just like you assume you can get a beer or a vodka tonic at any restaurant, maybe some day cannabis use and acceptance will be the same. Wether you celebrate the 420 culture or not we appreciate you reading to understand what the meaning of 420 friendly is.

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