The #RIPiece Program

The #RIPiece Program

We’ve all had that terrible experience of witnessing a loved piece shatter before our eyes. Years of history gone down the drain -- and all for naught. But not with the #RIPiece program.

The #RIPiece program is our favorite way to engage with customers on social media. When a piece that you have treasured forever breaks, it’s a horrible feeling. Luckily for you, our #RIPiece program will help you commemorate your old piece, and order a new one at a discounted rate. This means you can get back to regular smoking sessions. Best of all-- the broken piece does not need to be from Toker Supply to be eligible for the discount!

Follow These Simple Steps

  1. Give your old piece a proper burial.
  2. Post a photo like the ones below on your Instagram or Twitter page and tag us @TokerSupply and use the hashtag #RIPiece & #TokerSupply. If privacy is your thing, then send us a DM instead! Either way, you must include a piece of paper in the picture with your broken piece that reads: "HELP ME @TOKERSUPPLY #RIPiece".
  3. In loving memory of your fallen comrade, we will DM you a personalized code to get your next beloved piece at an awesome price with FREE Shipping!
  4. Order and enjoy! Here at Toker Supply, we want you to continue thinking about the future -- not regretting the past. So, smoke it up, and live it up!

Here's Some Examples

With the #RIPiece program, our goal is to help our customers overcome the loss of their pieces with a smooth transition. Take advantage of your discount today!

Our RIPiece program has helped console plenty of smokers about the loss of their loyal companions in the past. It has also helped them to embrace a new piece. Check out some of the tweets and Instagram posts about the RIPiece program!

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