Glycerin Coils – The Future of Bongs

Glycerin Coils – The Future of Bongs

There’s a new ingredient to modern bongs revolutionizing the term “chill.” Since bongs have risen to prominence as the world’s favorite smoking device, smokers have been customizing them with ways to create a more pleasant experience.

It’s not uncommon to find a bong user fill his pipe with ice. Ice is placed in a bong to remove any excess heat from the smoke. Cooling and smoothing the smoke prevents any uncontrollable coughing fits that can be painful and harsh.

However, as an online head shop, several customers have approached us who can’t find any amount of ice that totally prevents the painful coughing. Our suggestion? Try a bong with a glycerin coil.

Read on for some more information on how glycerin coil bongs can help you have a more pleasant smoke:

What is Glycerin?

Most of us know glycerin as a natural ingredient of our lotions, body washes and cosmetics. The scientific term for glycerin is “glycerol.” It’s a liquid that naturally occurs and can be found in a wide variety of products.

Glycerin is best known for its ability to inhibit the growth and formation of ice. It has very potent anti-freezing properties. It’s also found in vape liquids that boast strong, robust clouds.

Glycerin Coils in Bongs

The most passionate bong users understand the effects that ice has on their draw. Many of them even come equipped with ice catchers to accommodate this practice.

What many people don’t know, however, is that glycerin is a much more effective and convenient way to smooth your smoke. Your bong won’t wind up overflowing with excess water from rapidly melting ice. Of the many various techniques – adding ice, ash catchers, cold water, etc. – the glycerin coil is the most innovative way to keep your smoke cool, smooth and pleasant.

Big Sprinkler to Removable Glycerin Coil Bong

Glycerin is the modern way to upgrade bongs with cooling features. You can purchase a bong with a removable glycerin coil installed, like the Big Sprinkler. You also have the option to add a glycerin adaptor to your current bong of choice.

Glycerin coils can be stored in freezers to keep them nice and frosty in between uses. However, please do not make the mistake of storing your whole bong in there. Your bong should never, ever be kept in the freezer, especially if it’s glass. Glass is not able to survive freezing temperatures without breaking.

Even though to practice of adding ice to a bong is relatively simple, glycerin coils are considered the more modern and elite way to keep your smoke cool and smooth. It will stay cool and efficient for much longer than the ice. You also won’t have to dump out excess bong water after the smoke melts the ice.

How to Clean Them

Glycerin coils aren’t just more effective, they’re also a lot easier to maintain. They can be cleaned the same way you would any other pipe. Large grained salt, 91% isopropyl alcohol, and a good shake will keep them spotless.

Find a container like a Tupperware bowl with a lid or a Ziploc bag. Any enclosed container that’s slightly larger than the coil will do just fine. Once it’s inside, cover it with the alcohol. Add a few teaspoons of the granulated salt to the container. Shake it up for a few minutes, and then let it sit for about half an hour.

After the half hour waiting, give the coil one final shake before removing it. Rinse it with clean, cool water. Depending on how blemished your coil is, you might have to repeat this process a couple more times to get it pristine.


If you have any more questions regarding glycerin coils or bongs, contact us today. We’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right fit for you.

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