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How to Season Quartz Glass Banger Nails

At first, when dabbing and concentrates originally hit the scene, it wasn't exactly popular. In fact, most smokers heard the word "dabbing" and replied with: "huh?" However, within recent years, dabbing became a phenomenon within the smoking community and online head shops.

Dabbing was attractive to countless hardcore smokers because of the concentrate flavor enhancement that came with it. Basically, dabbing benefits included better taste, herbal flavors and pleasant aroma. As a results, people began buying more concentrates and sales went through the roof. Additionally, dab rigs, supplies, tools, accessories and more experienced the same massive surge in popularity. Also, dabbing isn't difficult. However, there are a few things that all dabbers should definitely know. In order to maximize your enjoyment, seasoning your dab nail is critical to bringing the flavor and aroma profiles out of your concentrates. Read on to learn how.

Heating Up a Dab Nail

What does it mean to "season" a glass quartz banger?

Seasoning a nail means to burn some of your material into the nail when its hot before the first time you ever use it. This is to cover up the porous surface of your quartz banger with your concentrates. This will ensure better flavor and better vapor production and also remove any potential imperfections from when it was manufactured.

Why do I Need to Season my Dab Nail?

Basically, the concept's the same as preparing new cookware. After purchasing a new pot or pan, it’s common to season it with oil to remove the factory taste.

Like most products, dab nails go through a mass-manufacturing process. So, because of the initial factory setting, dab nails often have a residually bad taste at first. In order to remove this taste and allow the flavors to stand out, dab nails must be seasoned. Once seasoned, they will become a fixture in your routine, just like a dab rig.

Before seasoning your nail, you should note that not all dab nails should be seasoned. Titanium and quartz dab nails do require seasoning because of the manufacturing process. Ceramic and glass nails, however, do not, so be careful while preparing dab supplies.

6 Steps to Season a Glass Quartz Banger Nail

Seasoning a dab nail is easy, and will allow you to use it with your dab rig in no time. By following these steps closely, you can totally enhance your dabbing experience.

  1. Fill a large container with cold water. Then, add ice cubes to make the water even colder.
  2. Get a pair of pliers that will be thick enough to grip the nail without bending or damaging it. Using the pliers, hold the bottom of the dab nail.
  3. With a dabbing torch, heat the dab nail until it is completely red. This should take about one minute. This process burns away the grease that would otherwise cause the unpleasant factory flavor.
  4. After the nail has been fully heated, submerge it in water. To cool down the entire nail, swirl it around in the water so that it makes complete contact.
  5. Shake the dab nail out, so that all of the water is off of it.
  6. Repeat this process a few times, so that there is no remaining grease or factory oils on the dab nail.

It really is that easy! Regardless of skill or experience, all dabbers can complete this easy seasoning process. With a seasoned nail, your collection of dab supplies should be complete!

After seasoning your dab nail, try placing some concentrate on it to test the taste. If you can fully taste the concentrate, then the seasoning worked! If not, though, you should do it again, so that you are not wasting any of your concentrate.

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5 Dabbing Tips

1. Take small dabs

Often, concentrates give off the smell of stronger chemicals than herbs do. Therefore, they have a much stronger, more potent effect. To prevent a negative experience and keep your state of mind stable and calm, always take smaller dabs.

2. Don’t Dab at High Temperatures

You can prevent a lot of issues by dabbing at lower temperatures, including foul taste, chest discomfort, and a loss of balance. Always give time for the dab nail to cool properly before taking a hit.

3. Wear Gloves

Handling herbs is easy. Handling wax or concentrates is not. Concentrates have a slippery consistency, and will stick to your hands. Wearing gloves prevents this.

4. Clean Your Dab Rig

To maximize your benefits from the dab rig, clean your piece often. The more you clean it, the better hits you’ll get, and the easier the cleaning process will be.

5. Purchase Great Accessories

Even with a great dab nail, you will need other accessories too. Dab tools are great for applying concentrate. Silicone mats prevent hard impacts from damaging glass.


We didn't become the internet's favorite online head shop by knowing nothing about this stuff. In fact, the opposite is true - Toker Supply's a team of passionate smokers who love to kick back, enjoy some herbs and share the love with our customers, too. Dabbing might seem a tad complex to the newcomer, but like anything, once you've got the hang of it, you'll be dabbing like a pro in no time.

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