Are bongs healthier to smoke? Heres the truth

Are bongs healthier to smoke? Heres the truth

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re an avid bong smoker. Or, you may be a newbie thinking about a bong for the very first time. Many of our customers often ask us if smoking from a bong is more responsible, and healthier than the alternatives. Most people inherently assume the answer is “yes.” However, it’s not that simple. Whereas most people understand that igniting herbs does, in fact, produce certain carcinogens or compounds harmful to your body. However, studies show that choosing water pipes (also known as bongs) may actually be much better for your health.

Theory #1: Bongs Are Healthier

Of course, there’s a lot of debate within the smoking community regarding this topic. A lot of people believe the bong's water can trap up to 90% of the toxins that firing herbs produces. In addition, the theory is that these toxins would go straight into the lungs without the presence of water to impede them. When the smoke passes through the water, it filters out unhealthy substances and carcinogens.

Theory #2: Bongs Are More Dangerous

On the other hand, the conflicting theory is that we actually inhale more carcinogens when using a bong rather than a traditional pipe or joint. Additionally, this theory promotes the idea that the water within the bong filters out the beneficial compounds (like CBD) from the herb.

However, everyone can agree that the water filtration bongs provide is extremely beneficial for cooling down the smoke. So, ultimately, there really isn’t a definitive “yes or no” answer here. And there are no current scientific studies on the advantages of using a bong and water filtration. So, until then, let's all just kick back and enjoy using our bongs like people have been doing for thousands of years.

So how does water filtration work?

When you light the dry herbs in your bowl piece and inhale, you pull the smoke through the water before it reaches your lungs. The smoke travels through the water, forcing it into small bubbles. This is where the cooling effect happens, since the surface area of the smoke increases, it cools down quickly.

This alone is a huge benefit, because it makes smoking easier on your lungs. Some bongs even feature ice catchers. You can add ice cubes to these for maximum cooling. If you use a bong with a higher number of percolators, you'll get even better smoke cooling and filtration.

The water also helps to remove larger particles you'd otherwise inhale if you were smoking from a traditional glass pipe. Many smokers call them "Scooby Snacks" or "Happy Meals." These terms might be goofy, but nobody likes the taste of burnt ash in their mouth. The water also helps to filter out the butane from the lighter and ash and tar from the smoke. Ever notice just how dirty your bong water gets? All of that nasty stuff is trapped in the water instead of going into your lungs. Ash catchers can be an excellent remedy to this issue.

Are bongs better for your lungs?

If you want a cleaner more cooled down hit, a bong will definitely give you that compared to smoking something without water filtration. Bongs are definitely cleaner than smoking from papers or normal bowls. This is because the water traps the ash and cools down the smoke before it gets near your lungs. Although this noticeable feels better on your lungs, you are still inhaling smoke which no matter which way you inhale it can hurt your lungs. So are bongs really better for your lungs? No not really.

Things to remember when using a bong:

  • Make sure to keep your bong clean and change the water frequently. Using dirty bong water gives the smoke an unpleasant flavor and odor. Also, it doesn't filter as well as clean water. Good hygiene ensures you keep your bong clean, especially if you're smoking it with other people and friends.
  • Glass bongs are much better than plastic or metals ones. Plastic or metals pipes can transmit harmful chemicals to your body when smoking. We never recommend using plastic bongs because when heated the plastic can emit harmful toxins. A lot of smokers buy plastic water pipe because they are cheap, but when dealing with smoke and your health it is not something you want to be cheap with.

Are vaporizers healthier?

If you are truly looking for the healthiest way to consume dry herbs, a vaporizer is (without a doubt) your best option. Vaporizers don't combust your herbs. Instead, they only heat the beneficial compounds in your herbs. They can be more expensive than bongs, but they're definitely worth it. However, if you've tried both, then you know there is nothing quite as satisfying as a bong hit.

What is the healthiest way to consume smoke?

If you are really committed to ensuring you are inhaling the most healthy way possible, dry herb vaporizers are definitely you're best option. This is primarily because your herbs are only heated and not combusted like they are when you use a bong.

Vaporizers allow you to control the temperature to ensure you go as low as needed to provide the smoothest and most pleasant vapor experience.

Final Thoughts

Bongs do help to reduce ash and debris from entering your lungs and do filters out some toxins at least compared to smoke something like a joint. Is it a huge difference that has an impact on your health? That is a personal decision you and your doctor will need to make. As long as you are well educated on the topic and making the best decision for yourself that is what matters most.

Bong Health FAQs

Are bongs better for you lungs than joints?

Yes, they are because you are reducing the amount of burnt particles entering your lungs. When smoking a joint you are not only inhaling the ash and debris from the herbs but also the paper. In addition the smoke is much closer to your mouth than when using a bong making it much hotter when entering your lungs.

Do bongs actually filter?

Yes of course they do. All the ash and debris you would normally be inhaling when using a traditional pipe or joint gets trapped in the water before it can reach your mouth. Now in terms of scientifically what things actually get filtered no one really knows for sure but my lungs always feel much better after smoking a bong than a traditional pipe.

Is a bong better for your lungs than a vape?

No vaporizes are the best way to smoke if you are looking for the least impact on your lungs. However this comes with a lot of caveats. It depends if you are vaping concentrates, or dry herbs or nicotine. So the long answer is it depends.

Disclaimer: We are not medical expert and this is not medical advice. If you have questions about bong smoking talk to your doctor. This is just from our personal experience.


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