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The Most Binge-Worthy Series for Stoners, Part 2

In our September blog post, we broke down three of the most binge-worthy TV series for stoners. Well, surprise! We couldn't possibly limit our recommendations to only three shows. As everyone's favorite online head shop, it's part of our job to make sure we're doing everything we can to enhance your smoking experience in every way. In addition, with the recent shifts in how we spend our free time, (because of COVID-19), kicking back and relaxing with a smoke and an excellent show is one of the safest and most reliable ways to unwind. Therefore, we've got some more options for you once you're done with our first three recommendations!

Nowadays, the sheer volume of high-quality TV content is truly astounding. Also, streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime have revolutionized the way we consume it. There are a ton of options, but if you're not looking to improvise, we've got you covered. So in this post, we'll list some more of the best series for stoners, why you should watch them, and how to access them. Keep reading to find out more!

The Office

Where to Watch: Netflix

Admittedly, this feels like maybe a pointless option. Who hasn't seen The Office (from the first episode to the finale) at least four times by now? The Office went from being NBC's primetime hit to a colossal cultural phenomenon once it hit Netflix. Years after The Office wrapped, once virtually everyone had access to it, it exploded in popularity. Nowadays, it's impossible not to hear a quote or see a smartphone meme from this comedy masterpiece. Even though an astonishing number of people know it in and out, we still couldn't omit it from this list. Very few shows are as likely to make you laugh after a dabbing or smoke session.

Even if you've never seen The Office, you very likely know what it's about. However, if not, we'll fill you in. The Office follows the world's most average, mediocre paper company and its employees in their Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin. The always-delusional and obnoxious (but harmless) regional manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell, of course) is more committed to creating awkward, uncomfortable, cringe-worthy scenarios than he is to his job. As a result, his employees are always suffering one way or another. The Office has a wildly distinct and singular style of humor, and it's the kind that you'll have to watch firsthand to truly understand. With one of the funniest and most memorable ensemble of characters in TV history, The Office is a guaranteed comedy gold mine.

High Maintenance

Where to Watch: HBO Max

When you think "stoner TV shows," High Maintenance belongs at the top of the list. Most TV aficionados know that if HBO produces a show, it's very likely an excellent one. High Maintenance is no exception. And if you're looking for unique, innovative concepts, this is definitely the show for you.

High Maintenance is a dark comedy that, every episode, explores the life of a different character and their particular wants and routines. However, throughout the entire four-season series, each of these characters share one thing: their weed deliveryman, The Guy. Each story is just as compelling as the last, and High Maintenance will liven up your smoking experience with some of the best writing on television. HBO, we're not worthy.

Flight of the Conchords

Where to Watch: HBO Max, Amazon Prime

Like High Maintenance, Flight of the Conchords is another HBO series, and one of the most hilarious shows you're likely to find. Also like High Maintenance, it's probably one of the most unique shows ever made. Unfortunately, Flight of the Conchords did not enjoy a long run and HBO scrapped it after two magnificent seasons. However, the twenty-two episodes they produced are extraordinary and a particular favorite for stoners.

Flight of the Conchords makes you laugh with a style of humor that you truly can't compare to any other show, past or present. It follows Bret and Jermaine, a folk-rock duo struggling to find stardom in New York City. The many, many missteps they make in their pursuit are sure to leave you gasping for breath and crying tears of laughter. And we haven't even gotten to the best part: Flight of the Conchords is a musical! Now, we know what you're thinking: musicals aren't your cup of tea. However, you haven't seen a musical via Flight of the Conchords. The songs themselves may actually be funnier than the dialogue.

The Mandalorian

Where to Watch: Disney +

Oh, Star Wars - the nerdy, utopian paradise of stoners all over the globe since 1977. Admittedly, it's not for everybody. However, within the smoker community, it's virtually impossible not to find a considerable amount of Star Wars fans. For over forty years now, it's dominated our culture in a way that very few franchises ever have. Our collective mania for that galaxy far, far away has never, and likely will never, dissipate. And stoners in particular have always appreciated the escapism and sense of imagination that Star Wars has given us.

The Mandalorian is considered by passionate Star Wars fans to be the greatest entry in the canon in many, many years. Luckily, season two has just arrived on Disney + and you have seventeen episodes to binge-watch at your leisure. Even if you're only dimly aware of Star Wars and The Mandalorian, there's no way you've been immune to the phenomenon that is Baby Yoda. The series follows a lone bounty hunter in the distant corners of the galaxy, and the less we say about his adventures, the better. If you're the kind of stoner who loves to indulge in nerd culture as much as you love a good toke, The Mandalorian is the show for you.

Conclusion - Toker Supply

These four entries are just a few more reliable options to keep yourself entertained during a very unusual time. If nothing else, they offer a blessed escape from your responsibilities that many of us could use right now. Additionally, these shows are perfect companions to a nice, relaxing smoke session, whether alone or with friends.

So kick back, light up and enjoy! We're here to provide anything and everything you may need to upgrade your smoke game.

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