A Complete Guide to Nectar Collectors

A Complete Guide to Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors are steadily becoming the most fashionable and alluring choice for smoking oils and waxes. As an online head shop, nectar collectors are a recent (and significant!) trend in dabbing that we at Toker Supply can’t ignore. For anyone who's passionate about dabbing, they’re widely considered one of the most convenient tools to use. And if you're relatively new to the world of dabbing and dab rigs, nectar collectors are definitely one of the items you should become familiar with in order to better understand how to enhance the dabbing experience.

In this post, we'll explore some essential information regarding nectar collectors. We'll break down what they are, why they're becoming so popular and how to use them properly. If you, like many before you, find yourself curious about what they are or why they're so special and unique, keep reading!

What is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is a relatively new kind of dabbing accessory. They're recognizable by their simple, straightforward tube design. Using a nectar collector is a lot like drinking from a straw - they both utilize the same shape, form and function for the user to consume their substance. However, in short: nectar collectors are specifically for smoking waxes and oils.

A neck, body and tip compose the full nectar collector. Mostly, glass and silicone are the materials of choice. Usually, titanium, quartz or ceramic make the tips.

One end of the nectar collector is the mouthpiece. Obviously, this is where you inhale the smoke. The mouthpiece is removable for easy cleaning, which is easily one of the more convenient aspects of the nectar collector. Additionally, this makes it a lot more compact for travel.

Within the center of the nectar collector is the main body and the percolator - which cools, filters and conditions the smoke. Ultimately, this makes for a much more pleasant hit that won't harshly scorch the back of your throat, leaving you watery-eyed and gasping.

Each nectar collector must contain a filtration system that utilizes water to filter the smoke. They’re all carefully engineered to prevent spills once the water is in the main body.

Why Use A Nectar Collector?

Nectar collectors have several distinct advantages over regular dab rigs. They make dabbing etiquette a lot easier on the user. Also, they’re easily the most singular and unique way to smoke waxes and oils. There’s a reason why they’re gaining a lot of enthusiastic traction within the dabbing community. Basically, it comes down to convenience, portability, ease of use and a lack of waste.

Undoubtedly, nectar collectors are a lot more portable than regular dab rigs. Honestly, traditional dab rigs are a huge burden to carry around, and a headache to bring on a road trip. Usually, their size alone means they can't easily fit into bags or suitcases. This makes them inherently more difficult to bring anywhere.

One of the most notable benefits of a nectar collector is the swift, single-hand handling. They can very easily (and discreetly) fit into any purse or backpack. In comparison to traditional dab rigs, traveling with nectar collectors in tow is an absolute breeze.

The biggest advantage of a nectar collector is the ability to place the tip of the straw in direct contact with the concentrates. Basically, this allows the user to dab directly out of their container without needing any sort of additional dab tool.

In addition, the nectar collector does not waste any wax. Often, wax gets stuck or lodged inside of the dab jar with regular dab rigs. But with a nectar collector, you can monitor exactly how much concentrate you're smoking and thereby avoid wasting wax.

How to Use a Nectar Collector

The first, most important and most basic step of using a nectar collector: heat the tip using a dab torch, until it's visibly glowing red hot. But if you prefer dabs of a lower temperature, it's best to allow the tip to cool for about ten seconds prior to using it.

Next, you'll want your wax or oil to sit on a heat-resistance surface. Make sure it's something that can definitely withstand the high temperature - silicone or glass make reliable choices.

Then, slowly press the tip of the nectar collector against your oil or wax and inhale in the process. Congratulations, you've just dabbed. Yes, it really is that simple - now you're truly dabbing like a pro!

With your nectar collector, you’ll be able to get every last bit of wax/oil without it getting stuck in your container. It's important to note that, like most other products in the world, with nectar collectors, you get what you pay for. So if you want your nectar collector to function to its very highest potential, deliver the best results and last for as long as possible, then we definitely recommend an investment in a quality piece.


Nectar collectors are the ultimate, unique alternative for dabbing. In addition, they make the absolute best gift for any dedicated dabber.

At Toker Supply, we take enormous pride and pleasure in curating the very finest products on the market to enhance the lives of passionate smokers. Nectar collectors are just one of the numerous (and newest) ways to upgrade your smoking experience.

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