A Complete Guide to Nectar Collectors

A Complete Guide to Nectar Collectors

Nectar collectors are gradually becoming the most fashionable choice for smoking oils and waxes. As an online head shop, nectar collectors are a recent trend in dabbing we can’t ignore. For anyone passionate about dabbing, they’re considered one of the most convenient tools to use.

In this piece, you'll find some of the essential guidelines for nectar collectors. If you find yourself curious about what they are or why they're so special, keep reading.

What is a Nectar Collector?

A nectar collector is a relatively new kind of dabbing piece. It has a straight tube design. And it’s very similar to drinking from a straw. In short: they’re specifically for smoking waxes and oils.

A neck, body and tip make up a nectar collector. Glass or silicone are the most common materials. Usually, titanium, quartz or ceramic make the tips.

One end of the nectar collector features the mouthpiece. Obviously, this is where you inhale the smoke. One of the more convenient aspects of the nectar collector is the mouthpiece is removable for easy cleaning. This also makes it more compact for travel.

The center of the nectar collector features the main body and percolator, which cools down and filters the smoke. Every nectar collector must feature a filtration system that relies upon water to filter the smoke. They’re all engineered to prevent spills once the water is in the main body.

Why Use A Nectar Collector?

Nectar collectors have several advantages over regular dab rigs. They make dabbing etiquette a lot easier on the user. Also, they’re seen as the most singular and unique way to smoke waxes and oils. There’s a reason why they’re gaining traction in the dabbing community. Basically, it comes down the portability, ease of use and lack of waste.

Nectar collectors are a lot more portable than regular dab rigs. Honestly, traditional dab rigs are a huge headache to bring on a road trip. Usually, the size of them means they can’t easily fit into bags or suitcases.

One-handed operation is one of the nectar collector benefits. Essentially, they can easily fit into any purse or backpack. Traveling with them is a breeze compared to traditional dab rigs.

The biggest advantage of a nectar collector is your ability to place the tip of the straw in direct contact with your concentrates. Basically, this allows you to dab straight out of your container without need a dab tool.

The nectar collector does not waste any wax. With regular dab rigs, the wax can get stuck or lodged inside of your dab jar. With a nectar collector, you can avoid wasting your wax and monitor exactly how much concentrate you’re smoking.

How to Use a Nectar Collector

The first and most important step of using a nectar collector: heat the tip using a dab torch until it’s red hot. If you prefer dabs of a lower temperature, you’ll want to let the tip cool down about ten seconds before using it.

The next step is to have your wax or oil on a heat-resistant surface. Use a material like silicone or glass, something that can withstand the high temperature. Press the tip of the nectar collector slowly against your oil or wax and inhale while doing so. Yes, it really is that simple.

With your nectar collector, you’ll be able to get every last bit of wax/oil without it getting stuck in your container. Furthermore, if you want your nectar collector to work to its very highest potential, then we definitely recommend investing in a quality piece.


Nectar collectors are the ultimate alternative for dabbing. Additionally, they make the perfect gift for any dedicated dabber.

At Toker Supply, we’re all about curating the finest products on the market for passionate smokers. Nectar collectors are just one of the many ways to enhance your experience.

If you’re curious about nectar collectors and want to give them a shot, check them out in our shop now!

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