Why You Should Be using a Thermal Banger for a Dab Nail

Why You Should Be using a Thermal Banger for a Dab Nail

If you’ve been smoking consistently over the past few years, then you’ve probably noticed that dabbing is all the rage. Dabbing with concentrates, waxes, or oils is the best method of smoking for appreciating the flavor. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but once you understand the process, you’ll be dabbing like a pro in no time. One of the most important dabbing accessories, choosing the right dab nail can improve your enjoyment. For dabbers looking to have the optimal experience, there’s nothing better than a thermal banger nail.


What’s a Dab Nail?

The dab nail is where the concentrate heating process takes place. To kick off the dabbing process, you’ll need to heat the dab nail, which rests on the side of the dab rig. After it has reached the appropriate temperature, you would then place your concentrates on the dab nail. After doing so, you would inhale, drawing the smoke into the piece (and any filters), and then into your mouth. So, dab nails serve an important purpose in the dabbing process. Thermal bangers are a specific type of dab nail, and one that will maximize your enjoyment.

Thermal Banger Nail  

Thermal Bangers Take Taking Banger Nails to the Next Level

Standard banger nails have been around for quite a long time. And, for a long time, they’ve been quite a popular choice. Dab nails of this style are shaped with a flat (rather than a rounded) bottom. They can be made of many materials, although quartz is the most popular dab nail material. Banger nails are quite easy to use. Thermal banger nails improve upon all aspects of the standard banger nail.

Rather than the conventional tube that’s present in a banger, thermal bangers allow for an improved flow of smoke. In a traditional banger nail, the concentrate sits in the banger nail, and the smoke flows through the pipe. In a thermal banger nail, however, things work differently. Rather than sitting only in the banger nail, the concentrate sits inside of a deeper tube, surrounded by two walls. Because of this, the thermal banger nail is not exposed to the full breath during each inhalation.


Wait Until the Temperature is Just Right

For dabbers, heating the concentrate to the perfect temperature is important. In fact, it’s probably one of the few areas in which dabbers differ.

Dabbing at a lower temperature will yield a better, more full concentrate flavor. On the other hand, heating the concentrates to higher temperatures means creating more vapor. With thermal banger nails, you can have more control over the temperature you are smoking at.

With the concentrates secured in a smaller area, there is less air that can make contact with them. This means that, once heated, the concentrates will retain heat better, remaining at the same temperature. So, when smoking with friends, multiple people can take a hit after one heating.

Because of this, thermal bangers are ideal for smoking low temperature dabs.


How do I Heat Up a Thermal Banger?

Despite the difference in quality between a thermal banger and a standard banger nail, the heating procedure is the same.

The proper dabbing temperature is somewhere between 300 and 450 degrees. Fortunately, as we mentioned previously, thermal bangers are perfect for keeping the concentrates at a consistent temperature. So, using a butane or propane torch will heat the thermal banger to precisely the right temperature. No matter what temperature you dab at, be sure to clean the nail regularly!

Carb caps are one of the best accessories for your dab rig, which does not change with the thermal banger. Without a carb cap, the thermal banger is constantly exposed to the air. With a carb cap, though, there is even more glass between the air and the concentrates. It also heats the concentrates more evenly. Finally, carb caps provide a smoother hit for your lungs.


Online Headshop for Thermal Bangers

It’s more than possible to dab on a budget with reasonably priced materials. But, at a certain point, every dabber realizes that spending a few extra bucks will lead to a massive improvement. At Toker Supply, our online headshop is committed to supplying you with the best smoking supplies possible.

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