Bong Parts, Pieces & Accessories

Bong parts allow you to upgrade your bong or fix its broken pieces. As smokers we form a strong bong with our favored bongs and when your downstem breaks or the bowl gets dropped and shatters it hurts. The good news though is all of those pieces are replaceable and we have a huge selection to choose from.

Bong Replacement parts and accessories give you the option to customize your bong to be exactly how you want it. You can new features or simply replace glass bong parts that may break over time. We all have that clumsy friend thats always dropping things.

Most Popular Bong Parts & Accessories

Bongs of a lot of different parts depending on their design or function but the most common parts of a bong are bong bowls and downstems. There are others but those are required for your bong to function.

Glass Bowls

Every bong needs a bong bowl to function and if yours breaks your bong can no longer be used. Luckily a new bong bowl is a cheap, quick and easy part to replace. Maybe theres nothing wrong with your bowl piece and you are just looking to upgrade to a cooler design or bigger size, you can do that too.

Bong bowl pieces comes in a variety of sizes (10mm, 14mm, and 18mm) with either a male or female joint. Make sure when you are ordering a new bowl you know what size and gender you need. If you're need sure this bong bowl and joint size guide will help. 


Not all but most bongs use a downstem. The downstem. is a long piece of glass that connects your bong bowl to your bong. When you light your herbs in the bowl the smoke is passed through the downstem into your bongs water chamber to be filtered and cooled down. Breaking your downstem happens but can easily be replaced. We have a huge selection of downstems to choose from, different sizes, styles, colors and even silicone ones that will never break.

Glass Adapters

Bong glass adapters are one of the most useful bong accessories you can have. They enable you to change the size or gender of your bongs joint so it can work with different parts and accessories. Maybe your favorite bowl piece only comes in 18mm but your bong is 14mm. No problem, you can get an adapter to make them fit together!

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