Non Diffusing Ash Catcher

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  • 14mm male joint with 14mm  female bowl joint
  • Fits 14mm female jointed water pipes
  • Non-diffusing ash catcher to collect ash with zero drag
  • Collect ash before it enters your bong keeping it clean
  • The tall thin design ensures all ash gets trapped
  • Quality glass but light enough to fit almost any water pipe

Why You Need an Ash Catcher

Trap ash and keep your bong clean with zero added drag

Ash catchers trap your burnt ash before it enters your water pipe to help keep your bong clean. This non-diffusing dry ash catcher is a must-have upgrade.

Non-Diffusing vs Diffusing Ash Catchers

Traditional ash catchers contain percs for added diffusion. However, that adds drag to the hit and can force the dirty water into your bong. This dry ash catcher has no percs which means zero drag added to your piece.

Non-diffusing ash catchers simply trap your burnt ash. You can clean it by simply dumping it out and rinsing it with water! Whether you are using a glass dab rig or bong, this will keep your glass piece cleaner for much longer.

*Exact style may vary slightly as all pieces are hand made.