Bong Bowls

For many smokers, bongs offer the most enjoyable smoking experience possible. Smoking out of a bong has many advantages: the water filters the smoke, and the cooler hits are more enjoyable. But in order for a bong to work correctly, you need a compatible bong bowl. Compatibility depends on size and shape. We also understand that color and style is important to maintaining the aesthetics of your piece. Here, we have hundreds of options to complete your bong.

Bong Bowls for Glass Water Pipes

Inserted into the downstem of the glass bong, the bong bowl piece is an incredibly important part of the bong. The tobacco or dry herb is inserted into the bowl. In order to start the process of smoking a bong, the smoker then lights the herb.

Over time, there is a lot of possible wear and tear that can occur with bowls. If dropped at the wrong angle, bowls can break altogether. With regular use, bowls can become quite dirty, sometimes beyond the point of cleaning.

To enjoy smoking your water pipe to the fullest, you must replace your bong’s bowl. In fact, bowls are one of the must-have accessories for glass water pipes.

Male vs. Female Bowls

Before purchasing a bowl for your bong, you should understand which type of bowl your piece requires. Based on the design and style of your bong, the style of your bowl will vary.

Male Bowls

Male bowls are compatible only with female bongs. Male bowls will be easily inserted into the corresponding female bong. So, if the female bong has a slot for a bowl, then you must purchase a male bowl. We offer several different colors, styles, and sizes of male bowls. The most common is the 14mm male bowl.

Female Bowls

Conversely, female bowls are only compatible with male bongs. Female bowls will easily slide over a smaller, male bong. If the bowl fits over another piece, then it is a female bowl. We also carry several female bowls, suitable for several different styles. The most popular is the 14mm female bowl.

Bowl Sizes

In order for the bowl to fit correctly on the water pipe, you must select the appropriate size. Measured in millimeters, the size of the bowl should correspond directly with the size of the bong joint. The properly sized bowl will make a stellar addition to your glass water pipe. To accommodate smokers with a wide variety of bongs, we carry bowls in all of the primary sizes: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm.

Bowl Depth

While the depth of the bowl will not necessarily determine whether or not it is compatible with your piece, it will affect your smoking experience. Deeper bowls are ideal for people who tend to smoke in large groups, packing a lot of herb. Shallower bowls are fitting for smokers who prefer to go solo. In fact, the depth of the bowl is one of the most important parts of finding the perfect bong for you.

Shop Bowls for a Water Pipe

At Toker Supply, our online headshop carries a wide variety of bowls. We stock the proper materials for bongs of all shapes and sizes, meaning that you will always be able to find the ideal piece for your bong.

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