Directional Airflow Carb Cap

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Vaporize all of your concentrates with amazing flavor

This Directional Airflow carb cap is a dabber dream. The unique design allow you to direct the airflow into the corners of your quartz banger to move around any left over wax. Doing this ensures that all of your concentrates are vaporized and nothing is wasted. The directional carb cap has a little knob handle at the top so you can hold it without burning yourself and also features a hole to restrict or increase airflow. The angled airflow hole on the bottom allows you to reach all the edges of your dab nail so you can push puddles around for even vaporization. This is one of the most effective carb caps and works great with quartz banger nails.


  • Air Flow Control
  • Clear Glass
  • Knob Handle
  • Directional Carb Cap
  • Fits on Quartz Banger Nails