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Carb Caps

A carb cap is a must have dabbing accessory when using any type of dab nail. A carb cap works just like using a lid on a pot. It keeps the heat in to better vaporize your concentrates. This ensures you get the best flavor and vapor everytime. To use a carb cap you heat your nail like you normally would, drop your material in and then cover the carb cap over the domeless nail. These caps restrict airflow to your nail and increase flavor and efficiency. Carb caps allow you to do low temperature dabs for better flavor and to ensure you get the most out of your concentrates. Carb caps allow your nail to retain heat for a longer period of time. We offer a large variety of popular carb caps such as bubble, directional, spinning and even fun ones! We carry a carb cap to fit any type of dab nails.

Over the years dozens of styles of carb caps have been created. Some allow you to use terp pearls that spin inside the banger while you inhale, while others have internal spinning balls just because it looks really cool. With so many carb caps out there to choose from it can be hard to decide what is best for you. The best way to figure out what works best is to ensure the carb cap you're using fits the quartz banger nail you have. If the dab cap is too small it won't create a seal with the quartz banger. If its too big it can also cause the same problem. The two most popular types of carb caps that fit with almost any kind of nail are bubble carb caps and directional. These allow you to not only control airflow but the direction of airflow so you can push around any excess concentrates that puddle up in the bottom of your nail.

One of the added benefits of using a carb cap when dabbing is it allows you to dab at lower temperatures. Finding the perfect temperature for your dab nail is not easy and if you're having trouble our dab nail heating guide can help. The carb cap allows vaporization to occur while heating the dab nail to a lower temperature. This gives you better tasting vapor and also helps prolong the life of your nail because you do not have to heat it as long to reach the perfect temperature.

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  • Trough Banger Carb Cap Dabber

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    Cap your trough banger for maximum vaporization! This carb cap is designed to fit perfectly with Quartz Trough Banger nails. Using a carb cap with ...

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