Dab Rigs Under $100

Dab rigs elevate your smoking experience to the next level with awesome filtration and smooth hits. And believe it or not, you can find your trusty new bong or dab rig for under $100! Toker Supply stocks a variety of affordable bongs and dab rigs for you to enjoy your dry herbs/concentrates to the max. We only sell products that meet our sky-high quality standards and pass extensive quality control testing to make sure your smoking experience the best it can be!

High Quality Glass Under $100

Find the bong or dab rig you’ve been looking for at a fair price. At less than $100, you can find pieces that function perfectly and are built to last.

Many other online head shops choose to take advantage of customers by charging outrageous prices. They do this because customers often believe these prices are fair, and are willing to pay them. Local head shops also overcharge customers without another way to find these products.

Trust our online head shop to charge fair prices with the best refund policy around!

Bongs & Dab Rigs with Awesome Filtration

There’s nothing like the feeling of kicking back with a bong and taking a smooth, relaxing toke with friends. At Toker Supply, our huge bong selection gives you the freedom to choose how you like to smoke. Bongs under $100 still provide top-notch filtration and cooling. We also offer bongs with percolators that improve the filtration process. Huge bong rips are just a click away — and fully within your budget.

To convert your bong to a dab rig, remove the dry herb bowl and replace it with a quartz banger. You can also convert your dab rig to a bong by swapping out the quartz banger nail with a dry herb bowl.

Pure Concentrate Flavor

Dab rigs use the same filtration features as bongs to make your concentrate smoking experience the best it can be. We carry a wide variety of scientific dab rigs for under $100 that make sure your concentrates maintain a pure flavor. These cheap dab rigs are available in all sizes, including many portable options. Recycler dab rigs push the smoke through the water multiple times for an even cleaner flavor. You can enjoy the flavor of your concentrates without spending hundreds on an expensive piece.

Be sure to use a dabber tools for a smooth concentrate transfer between the container and the quartz banger nail. Carb caps also improve your dabbing experience, keeping the temperature of the smoke lower and maximizing the flavor.

Glass Pipes with Unmatched Durability

You should never sacrifice your bong’s quality for a cheaper price. All of our bongs and dab rigs are crafted with durability as a top priority. Borosilicate glass is the best and most reliable material for bongs and dab rigs. Unlike other pieces on the market, borosilicate glass won’t break easily from clumsy drops in the smoking circle. This scientific bong glass is also designed to withstand the heat from torches and lighters.

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