Chillum Pipes

Chillum pipes are one of the classic types of pipes that have been around for decades. Chillums are basically one hitters but usually made with glass and feature a wider and bigger bowl than normal one hitters. Chillums are a type of hand pipe that is both portable and easy to uses. They usually feature a straight design giving you a straight hit from the bowl to your mouth. Unlike normal hand pipes chillums don't contain a carb to regulate airflow. You simply light and inhale and throw it back in your pocket.

Chillums are really popular because of their small size and portability. They make taking a quick hit on the go quick and easy. They also help to conserve your dry herbs because you are only packing enough each time for about one to two hits.

Some people refer to chillums as one hitters but they usually are a bit larger than a standard one hitter. All of our chillums for sale are made with thick borosilicate glass so you don't have to worry about them breaking when throwing it in your pocket or backpack quickly.

Chillums are the ultimate travel pipe because of their small compact size and design. Playing a round of golf? Grab your chillum take a quick hit and then tee off. Chillums come a wide range of styles and designs but ultimately they all work the same way.

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