Crush Glass

Founded in 1996, Crush Glass has been supplying smokers with high-quality pieces for over 20 years. Crush is known for their ability to bring characters to life in the glass medium with highly artistic interpretations and breathtaking quality. By recreating these themes in glass, Crush enables smokers to enjoy smoking while also being reminded of their favorite characters.

Crush accomplishes this artistic approach to creating glass pipes without compromising the quality. With thick, heavy glass, these pieces will provide great hits resulting from the innovative design.

Toker Supply carries several Crush Glass products, all of which cater to different interests. The Gas Mask Glass Pipe allows smokers passionate about Fallout, doomsday or other apocalyptic situations to use their glass piece as an outlet. We also stock Crush glass pipes that depict characters from the Super Mario Bros. franchise. Other Crush glass pipes take inspiration from superheroes, providing protection in even the most dangerous smoking situations.

To maintain the highest standards of artistic quality and durability, Crush uses glass blowers from across the country, each with a unique expertise.

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