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Dab rigs or oil rigs are similar to bongs, but are used for dabbing waxes and oils. As the premier online head shop, Toker Supply offers a wide variety of dab rigs for sale. We cater to those who can appreciate the occasional dab, and those who prefer dabbing as their main method of smoking. Though it has not gained the immense popularity and reputation of bongs, dabbing has become more popular in recent years. We offer several dab rigs in various colors, shapes, sizes, and even some dab rigs under $100.

All of our dab rigs are created using high-quality, lasting glass that will provide flavorful hits for years to come. Rigs come in different shapes and sizes, but all of them will provide a cooler and smoother smoking session. We carry the best brands, including Nucleus Glass, Empire Glassworks, Ronin Glass and more!

How To Dab

Dabbing is a simple process. It may be daunting at first, but it comes easy once done. There's a few things you need to dab the right way. A traditional setup includes a wter pipe, a nail, a dome, a torch, and a dabber.

Step 1: Torch & Nail

Turn on the torch and heat the nail. Heating the nail until it is red-hot is sufficient.

Step 2: Nail & Dome

Place the glass dome over the nail. Titatium nails should cool for about 10 seconds, and quartz nails about 45 seconds. You don't want the surface temperature to be too hot!

Step 3: Dab with Dabber

Apply the dab with your dabber directly onto the nail inside the dome and inhale slowly. Rotate the tip of the dabber to help prevent wasting any oil.

That's it!

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6 Arm Tree Perc Rig - Toker Supply

6 Arm Tree Perc Rig

Toker Supply

$ 69.99
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The perfect amount of diffusion and flavor! When vaping concentrates the smaller the piece the better the flavor. This piece could possibly be the ...

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8 Arm Tree Perc Bong
Save 54%

8 Arm Tree Perc Bong

Toker Supply

$ 129.99
$ 59.99
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Imagine how much stuff you could do if you had 8 arms. Tree Perc bongs have always been one of my favorites because of the amazing diffusion and ze...

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