Dab Rigs & Oil Rigs

Dab rigs are, essentially, very similar to bongs. However, we rely upon dab rigs for dabbing waxes and oils. Obviously, at Toker Supply we offer a diverse selection of dab rigs for sale. Our collection features the perfect dab rig for anyone, regardless of their familiarity or experience. If you prefer an occasional dab here and there, or you're a passionate, everyday dabber, we've got the perfect choice for you.

Though it hasn't quite achieved the immense global popularity and historical significance of bongs, dabbing has definitely become a lot more popular within recent years. We offer numerous dab rigs in all kinds of colors, shapes, sizes - catering to every taste, preference and level of expertise. In addition, we also have some dab rigs for the more budget-conscious dabber, with price tags under $100.

Each dab rig available at Toker is crafted with only the highest-quality, longest-lasting glass possible - delivering smooth and flavorful hits for many years to come. Like most other products, dab rigs come in all different shapes and sizes. However, all of them will provide a cooler, smoother, and altogether more pleasant smoking experience. Since quality is among our highest priorities, we carry only the most notable and reputable brands - including Nucleus Glass, Empire Glassworks, Ronin Glass and more!

How To Dab Like a Pro

Really, dabbing is a very simple process. For anyone who's new to or unfamiliar with dabbing, the specific terms like "nail" and "dome" might seem positively perplexing at first. However, like most other things, it somehow comes a lot easier and more natural once you've actually done it.

In order to dab the right way, there are a few crucial things you need. A basic dabbing setup includes a water pipe, a nail, dome, torch and a dabber.

Step 1: Torch & Nail

First, turn on the torch, and use the torch to heat the dab nail. If you heat the nail until it's red hot and glowing, that will be sufficient to do the trick.

Step 2: Nail & Dome

Place the glass dome over the nail. If you have a titanium nail on hand, you should cool it for about ten seconds. If your nail is quartz, give it a good forty-five seconds to cool properly. You don't want the temperature to be too scorchingly hot, or it will compromise the process and the overall results.

Step 3: Dab with Dabber

Apply the dab with your dabber directly onto the nail within the dome. Then, simply inhale slowly. In order to prevent wasting any oil, rotate the tip of the dabber throughout.

That's it! Congratulation, you're officially a dabber!

What is a Dab Rig?

Just like a bong, a dab rig is a kind of glass water pipe. However, rather than heating and inhaling dry herbs, you're using oils, wax and concentrates. The process was named "dabbing" for a very simple reason - because you quite literally dab your product onto the heated nail.

Many consider this to be the preferable method of smoking, because dab rigs produce vapor rather than smoke. Obviously, we all know how toxic and carcinogen-heavy smoke is, which makes dabbing an inherently less dangerous method. Also, on a simpler note: dab rigs produce the very best flavor!

How to Choose the Right Dab Rig

  1. The dab rig should be comfortable in your hand and easy to handle.
  2. The glass needs to be thick, durable and compatible with optional, add-on dabbing accessories to enhance the piece.
  3. Choose a style and color that suits your style. You can even find some dab rigs that make exceptional table centerpieces!

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