Lookah Glass - Sprinkler Perc Coil Recycler

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  • 12 Inches tall with a 14mm female joint
  • Sprinkler perc for drag-free filtration and diffusion
  • Two arm recycler recyclers continuously through middle coil
  • Made with thick borosilicate glass for extreme durability
  • Super thick base to ensure the piece sits safely on the table
  • Bent neck design to prevent water from reaching your mouth
  • Includes quartz banger nail for dabbing sessions

A unique recycler with flawless function

If you are looking for a unique dab rig that not only looks great but functions flawlessly this is the piece for you. The main chamber of the piece contains a sprinkler perc for the perfect amount of filtration and diffusion for your vapor to ensure the best flavor you can get from your concentrates. After your vapor passes through the sprinkler perc it is forced up through the recycler arms where the water is recycled back continuously through the middle back to the main chamber. This nonstop recycler motion ensures maximum smoke cooling for the best possible dabbing experience.