Mini Dual Recycler Dab Rig

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  • 14mm female joint
  • 6.5 inches tall
  • Bent neck
  • Dual recycler design improves filtration
  • Comfortable grip
  • Great piece for new dabbers
  • Honeycomb perc
  • Color accents will vary!

The Mini Dual Recycler Dab Rig is the perfect choice for concentrate smokers who love taking huge dabs! Thanks to the dual recycler design, you’ll enjoy plenty of filtration and the full flavor of your concentrates-- without any harsh taste.

The Mini Dual Recycler Dab Rig was specially designed for smokers who appreciate great-tasting dabs! After heating the concentrates on the dab nail, the smoke flows into the water chamber. Before reaching the mouthpiece, it flows through the water two additional times, thanks to the recycler design. This extra exposure means cools down your smoke even more, allowing you to enjoy the great flavor! Whether you're a dabbing pro or you're just starting to smoke concentrates, this recycler rig makes taking huge dabs a breeze. 

In addition to its excellent function, the Mini Dual Recycler Dab Rig also has an awesome scientific aesthetic! The clear glass means that you and everyone around can watch in awe as the smoke moves through the dab rig. Placed at the top of the rig, the Maria rings make for an awesome embellishment!

The bent neck is a great gripping point, making it easy to pass off to friends in your smoking circle. It also prevents you from inhaling dirty water! And, the beaker shape leaves even more room for smoke to build accumulate before you inhale! For under $100, this piece is ideal for anyone who is looking to dab on a tight budget

You can also use the -Mini Dual Recycler Dab Rig as a bong! If you’re in the mood to smoke dry herbs, simply remove the dab nail, insert your dry herb bowl, and light up!