Tattoo Glass - Sidecar Showerhead Perc Dome Rig

$ 99.99
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  • 9" Inches tall and made with thick 7mm glass
  • Sidecar design prevents splashback and makes for a more comfortable smoke session
  • Dual dome design helps to trap and condense smoke for cooling and flavor
  • Showerhead perc sits in the bottom dome for perfect diffusion
  • 14mm male joint includes matching quartz banger nail
  • Glass swirl accents on the side give it a unique style

Smoke your dabs in style with this dome rig!

This unique shaped sidecar showerhead perc dome rig features a unique style that not only looks cool but functions flawlessly. The dual dome design helps to trap your smoke and condense it for better cooling and flavor. At the bottom of the main chamber is a showerhead perc that provides no drag diffusion making it great for herbs or concentrates. The most noticeable part about this piece is the sidecar neck design. This ensures that no bong water reaches your mouth, it also provides a more comfortable smoking angle. The angled joint includes a quartz banger nail making this a perfect dab rig.