Dab Straws

Dab straws are a fun and easy way to consume concentrates. Instead of heating a dab nail you heat the tip of your dab straw and dab it directly into your concentrates. This allows for much better control of how much you are dabbing and inhaling. 

Dab straws are much more portable way of dabbing unlike using a traditional dab rig and nail. These compact and fun tools are a great way to smoke waxes and oils without needing a dab tool. They include a perc built into the main chamber for water filtration or in some cases are a straight shot with no water. All dab straws use a titanium tip which holds and retrains heat very well. 

All dab straw come with a K-clip that is used to securely attach your dab straw and titanium tip together so you don't need to worry about it coming apart when you're using it.

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