A dabber is a must have concentrate tool to apply your waxes and oils to your dab nail. Dabber tools come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles and are made from either glass, quartz, titanium or ceramic. If you are clumsy it's best to get a titanium dabber so it won't break if you drop it. If you are looking for something more unique we also carry heady dabbers that look like pencils, swords, genie bottles and many more!

While some people just use their hands to drop their concentrates into the nail, this can be very dangerous and we recommend only using a dabber tool. Dab nails once heated can reach extreme temperatures and if you touch the nail with your hand by accident you are sure to get a serious burn. The other problem with using your hands is waxes and oil have a tendency to stick to your fingers, making you likely to waste some of your precious concentrates. You can also contaminate your concentrates with whatever dirt, or oil might be on your fingers which you would then be inhaling. Here at Toker Supply we offer a large selection of dabber tools to fit anyones budget or style.

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