Diamond Glass

Diamond Glass makes some of the highest quality pieces on the market. Based in California they are a leader in creating highly functional and innovative bongs, dab rigs and pipes. Their pieces are manufactured using American materials and American glass blowers. Their designs are unique and functional and stand out from the rest of the smoking pieces on the market. Their attention to detail and quality is unmatched in most other glass brands on the market.

Diamond Glass is always innovating and creating new designs to bring to the smoking market. They make classic designs like beakers and straight tubes, but they also make pieces that use percolators you've never seen before like gear and upside down showerhead percs. Diamond Glass also utilizes a lot of color on their piece that sets them apart with stunning colors and details not found on all clear glass pieces. This allows you to find a piece that is customized to your favorite color and style.

Shop a wide variety of Diamond Glass bongs on our website including dab rigs, water pipes, and glass pipes. When you buy a Diamond bong you know you are getting a high-quality piece with extreme attention to detail. Their pieces are are also affordable so smokers with any budget can get one for their glass collection.

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