We offer a huge selection of one hitter dugouts so you can smoke anywhere!

Dugouts are probably one of the oldest yet still popular ways to smoke and for a few good reasons. Dugouts are easy to carry and fit right in your pocket. They not only carry your one hitter but your dry herbs too. From the classic wooden dugout you used 50 years ago to more advanced stylish dugouts we have them all.

Dugouts come complete with a one hitter or bat that allows you to quickly and discreetly pack your pipe and take a quick hit no matter where you are.

Some might know it as a hitter box, or quick hit but regardless of what you call it all dugouts function the same way. It stores both your pipe and herb so you can pack it all in one motion. The swivel lid at the top ensures none of your material ever escapes and it helps conceal the smell if that is something you're worried about.

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