Bong Cleaners

As smokers, we know that a clean bong is a happy bong. Cleaning your piece regularly will result in cleaner, stronger hits, without the off-putting taste of ash. Our online headshop carries bong cleaning kits and bong cleaners for pieces of all sizes, shapes, and styles. Bong cleaner is cheap and makes cleaning your pipes much easier than trying to uses something like alcohol and salt. Having the right tools for the job will make cleaning your bongs 420x easier than trying to use random stuff you have around the house.

Bong Cleaning Caps & Plugs

Cleaning caps and plugs are one of the most important products you can get to make cleaning your bong easier and less messy. Sure you could plug up the holes with a bunch of paper towels but that's waste full and does not allow you to shake as vigorously as you can with caps or plugs. Bong cleaning caps create an airtight seal with your bongs mouthpiece and joint hole so that when you are cleaning your bong none of the cleaning solution and nasty bong debris ever leaves the bong. We've all been there where that chunk of paper towels fly out and now you're bathroom is covered in resin filled bong cleaner. Trust us cleaning caps and plugs are worth every penny and you will have them for a very long time.

Bong Cleaning Solutions

The next most important product you need to get your bong squeaky clean is a good bong cleaning solution. Sure you could use alcohol but its toxic to inhale and can get expensive. Using a solution that was created to specifically clean glass bongs will ensure your bongs get as clean as possible without the risk of toxic fumes or unknown chemicals going into your bong. In addition they work way faster at cleaning off stuck on resin stains than alcohol does.

Using the right bong cleaning solution will make the cleaning process quicker and easier and get you back to smoking sooner. In addition all thats needed is the solution and some shakes of the bong. Using abrasive materials like salt could over time scratch and deteriorate your bong. The best way to keep your bong cleaner longer and clean is faster when it does get dirty is to use a high quality bong cleaner solution. We offer bong cleaning solutions meant for stuck on resin from smoking flower and also stuck on wax from dabbing.

Pipe Cleaning Brushes

Pipe cleaning brushes while may not be needed to clean your bong make the whole process so much easier. Cleaning brushes are especially helpful when trying to clean bowls, downstems and other bong parts and pieces. They allow you to get into hard to reach places to ensure to stuck on resin is left behind. All of the bong cleaning brushes we offer are meant specifically for bong cleaning so their size, shape and material will ensure you can clean any type of bong part and not risk scratching your glass.

4 Reasons to Clean Your Bong Often

In order to take large, strong hits of your dry herbs, cleaning your piece regularly is critical. Throughout smoking sessions, pieces tend to become quite dirty. And, each piece may require a slightly different approach to clean, based on the style and level of use. Without taking the time to regularly clean your piece, you may decrease the life of your glass pipe, and compromise the quality of your hits.

1. Clean Residue: It’s easy for residue to accumulate, and seem like a normal part of your glass water pipe. Not only is residue an eyesore, but the residue could catch fire after covering the carb.

2. Eliminate Germs: Smoking your glass water pipe with friends is a fun experience, but it can also spread germs. Cleaning your glass pipe regularly will eliminate these germs.

3. Healthier Hits: Ash that naturally accumulates with each glass pipe hit is carcinogenic. Cleaning your piece will minimize the impact of smoking on your lungs. This will also make for better-tasting hits.

4. More Visually Appealing: Displaying your glass water pipe in your smoking room is a point of pride for most smokers. To keep this allure, be sure to regularly clean your piece.

Bong Cleaners - Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should I clean My Piece?

Your piece can never be too clean! Smoking experts recommend that, for the maximum flavor and the best hits, smokers should clean their glass bowls once per day that they smoke out of them. They should also clean water pipes once per week.

Cleaning your glass pipe regularly will make for both a healthier lifestyle and stronger hits! The blissful feeling of taking a clean hit is reward enough for the effort involved in cleaning your glass pipe.

Are bong cleaners worth it?

I know what you're thinking, of course were going to say its worth it so we can sell more cleaning supplies. But trust us when we say having the right bong cleaning solution, a set of bong caps and cleaning brushes are worth every penny. They will make the tedious and unwanted process of cleaning your bong more enjoyable and much more efficient. Don't take our word for you it thought, try it for yourself and see the difference having the right tools to clean your bong can do.

Will boiling your bong to clean it break it?

Yes this is a terrible idea and one of the reason we highly reccomend a good solution and cleaning caps. Then all you need to do is shake your bong and its like brand new. Boiling your bong or parts of your bong can cause it to crack or break and then you're going to be left replacing your entire bong instead of spending a few bucks on some bong cleaning solution.

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