Bong Cleaning Supplies

As smokers, we know that a clean piece is a happy piece. Cleaning your piece regularly will result in cleaner, stronger hits, without the off-putting taste of ash. Our online headshop carries bong cleaning kits and supplies for pieces of all sizes, shapes, and styles.

How to Clean Your Glass Pipes

Cleaning a glass pipe is simple for those who clean their pieces regularly.

While many DIY websites recommend using isopropyl alcohol, this solution cannot thoroughly clean the piece. Instead, we recommend using a specialized glass pipe cleaning solution, like Green Glass Clean.

Cleaning a Glass Bowl

The glass pipe cleaning process is simple, too. After shaking the bottle of glass cleaner, pour it into the glass pipe or bowl. Then cover the carb and other holes, and shake! The powerful solution will eliminate any residue, and make for a much cleaner piece.

After shaking the piece at length, rinse it under warm water. This will quickly and easily remove the glass cleaning solution from the piece. Do this a few times, and do not smoke again until certain that the solution worked.

For especially dirty glass pipes, we also carry pipe cleaning brushes. These specialized tools will remove dirt and grime that has settled in your pipe over a long period of time.

Cleaning a Glass Water Pipe

While the concept for cleaning large glass water pipes is essentially the same, there are more openings. Bong cleaning res caps cover these holes, and prevent the cleaning solution from escaping when you are cleaning it. These bong cleaning res caps greatly simplify the process, and allow for a much more thorough cleaning.

4 Reasons to Clean Your Piece

In order to take large, strong hits of your dry herbs, cleaning your piece regularly is critical. Throughout smoking sessions, pieces tend to become quite dirty. And, each piece may require a slightly different approach to clean, based on the style and level of use. Without taking the time to regularly clean your piece, you may decrease the life of your glass pipe, and compromise the quality of your hits.

1. Clean Residue: It’s easy for residue to accumulate, and seem like a normal part of your glass water pipe. Not only is residue an eyesore, but the residue could catch fire after covering the carb.

2. Eliminate Germs: Smoking your glass water pipe with friends is a fun experience, but it can also spread germs. Cleaning your glass pipe regularly will eliminate these germs.

3. Healthier Hits: Ash that naturally accumulates with each glass pipe hit is carcinogenic. Cleaning your piece will minimize the impact of smoking on your lungs. This will also make for better-tasting hits.

4. More Visually Appealing: Displaying your glass water pipe in your smoking room is a point of pride for most smokers. To keep this allure, be sure to regularly clean your piece.

How Often Should I clean My Piece?

Your piece can never be too clean! Smoking experts recommend that, for the maximum flavor and the best hits, smokers should clean their glass bowls once per day that they smoke out of them. They should also clean water pipes once per week.

Cleaning your glass pipe regularly will make for both a healthier lifestyle and stronger hits!

The blissful feeling of taking a clean hit is reward enough for the effort involved in cleaning your glass pipe.

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