Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler

$ 50.00
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  • Great filtration
  • Beautiful elephant-themed design
  • Detailed eyes, ears and tusks
  • Water chamber for great filtration
  • Awesome grip
  • Deep bowl for plenty of dry herbs
  • Red glass milli on bowl
  • Carb hole on side for controlled airflow
  • Flat bottom for stability
  • 7” long

The Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler captures the beauty of sub-Saharan Africa in your smoking circle! This beautifully detailed hammer bubbler features a deep bowl for plenty of dry herbs and a water chamber for awesome filtration.

This awesome bubbler features an adorable, detailed design that will keep you and your smoking circle entertained for years to come! The gray glass perfectly matches the color of an elephant, and the detailed tusks, ears, and eyes round out this themed design! And, the trunk extends from the elephant’s mouth into the bowl and filtration chamber. Adding a nice psychedelic touch to the bubbler, the pink marble milli on the end of the bowl rounds out this design. The entire herd will love it!

With the Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler, you can enjoy the same cool, great-tasting hits that you’ve come to love from bongs, but in a smaller, portable piece. At 7” long, you can easily hide this bubbler pipe away in a pocketbook, backpack, or duffel bag for use later on! It’s the ideal travel piece for smokers who love taking bong hits, but don’t want to bring along their prized bong! And, it’s also great for at-home use!

The shape of the Elephant Head Hammer Bubbler makes it extremely comfortable! The three raised glass lines on the end of the bubbler pipe will provide an awesome gripping point for everyone in your smoking circle.