Jane West™ Collection by Grav Labs

The Jane West Collection is a collaboration with the popular scientific glass brand Grav Labs. The collection features five unique and highly functional glass pieces that combine classic design with modern aesthetics. All glass pipes and bongs from this collection are made using cobalt blue glass that ensure your piece always looks clean. All pieces are made using the highest quality borosilicate glass and cobalt blue glass that gives this collection its distinctive deep blue color. All pieces are carefully designed to function flawlessly and to make your smoke sessions much more enjoyable. These pieces are absolutely stunning and are great to display at home and enjoy with friends.

Jane West is a cannabis entrepreneur who is well known for her businesses including Edible Events as well as Women Grow. Jane West focuses on the progression of the cannabis industry through education and carefully designed products that benefit any smoker. The Jane West Collection is the first of many products that are planning to be launched in the near future. Get yourself a Jane West glass piece today to upgrade your collection and support the movement. The collection features every type of glass piece you could want, including a beaker bong, upright bubbler, spoon pipe, steamroller, and one hitter chillum!

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