Percolator Bongs

In the Smoker world, nothing says You know your high!’ better than Percolator bongs because  these are the best type of bong you can smoke from. Technically speaking every bong contains some type of percolator. But if you're looking for the best possible smoking experience you are going to want a true percolator bong that will give you the best flavor and smoke cooling. A perc bong contains single or multiple percolators that help to filter your smoke to cool it down. As you inhale the smoke is forced into tiny bubbles increasing the surface area for maximum cooling.

There are dozens of different types of percolators on the market, you have probably heard of honeycomb percs or tree perc. They are two of the most common types of percolators.

Some percs have almost no drag for a super smooth inhale when smoking. Remember, more percs is not always better. In fact the more percs a bong has, the more potential drag it might have when inhaling. If you stick with a honeycomb percolator you will likely never experience much drag even with a lot of them due to their design containing dozens of small holes that allows air to easily pass through. 

The best way to figure out which perc bong is best for you is to try them yourself! Your friend may love honeycombs but you might prefer tree percs. As the smoking industry evolves more and more types of percs are being created and we always make sure we offer the latest and greatest percolator bongs you can find online.


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