Round Bottom Orion Quartz Banger Nail

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$ 39.99
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  • 4mm thick for maximum heat retention
  • Round bottom design so nothing gets left behind
  • Long oval shape design to allow for larger dabs 
  • High-quality quartz constructions
  • Includes long directional carb cap to increase flavor
  • 14mm male joint fits 14mm female jointed dab rigs

This Round bottom Orion quartz banger nail features a unique design that allows you to dab a larger amount of concentrates if that is what you prefer. The round bottom also ensures that no concentrates are wasted or get stuck inside corners of the nail, it also makes cleaning much easier. The 4mm thick quartz construction allows for incredible heat retention to maximize vaporization and flavor. The included carb cap fits this nail perfectly to push around your concentrates and increase vapor production.