Sherlock Pipes

Sherlock pipes feature a unique curved neck design that get their inspiration from the pipe Sherlock Holmes was famous for smoking. If you want to emulate the detective inside you or want that classic energy while smoking, the Sherlock Pipe is for you! Sherlock pipes are easily identified by their long curved design that also has a very functional purpose and sets them apart from traditional glass hand pipes.

The extra long curved design of sherlock pipes moves the bowl farther away from your face so as you light it the flame is not near your face. Many people refer to the sherlock pipe design as a deep U bend. This unique design helps to stop any burnt ash that may get sucked in the bowl from going up the main tube into your mouth. 

While sherlock pipes have many functional designs that improve your smoking experience many people just love them for their cool look and vibes. And that’s why we have some of the best Glass Sherlock pipes and much more!

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