Thick Glass Bongs

When it comes to bongs thicker is what you want. Thick glass bongs not only ensure higher quality and a longer lifespan they also feel better in your hands. A thick bong sits comfortably on your table without the risk if it accidentally tipping over and can even withstand the occasional drop or ding. 

Bongs come in all different thicknesses, styles and designs but the same fact always rings true, thicker is always better. If you want a thick bong we have the largest selection of thick glass bongs online for you to choose from. Just because a bong is thick doesn't always mean its also big bong. If you prefer a small bong we offer those too, still with thick glass.

I'm sure you have already seen it, but here is a video of one of our thick glass bongs hammering a nail into a piece of wood without even getting a scratch!

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Baseball Bat Bong - Toker Supply
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Baseball Bat Bong

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This baseball bat bong is just in time for the spring baseball season. Featuring a stunning and realistic baseball bat shape, this piece is a true ...

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