Dab Nails

We offer the largest selection of dab nails you will find anywhere online!

Dab nails, carb caps, and dabber tools are all essential to dabbing successfully. We carry a large selection of high-quality nails and accessories at the lowest possible prices.

We carry domeless nails, bangers nails, adjustable nails, multi-size nails made of titanium, ceramic, and quartz dab bangers. We have all styles and sizes, 10mm, 14mm, 18mm male, and female. You can turn your dry herb water pipe into a dab rig simply by adding one of our concentrate nails.

Dabbing has become more popular in the recent years. This has caused an explosion of products on the market. Before you start buying, make sure you browse all the options here! We have the largest selection of products here so we are sure to get you started off right.

Dab Nails For Dab Rigs

Quartz Bangers

Quartz bangers are by far the most popular type of dab nail on the market today. Its unique design makes it so no dome is needed and it also curves the nail away from your dab rig. This ensures the extreme heat from your torch does not damage your dab rig or your fingers when holding the rig with a hot nail.

Titanium Nails

If you are looking for the most durable type of dab nail then titanium is the answer. They have been around a long time in the dabbing world and its because of their extreme durability and ability to retain and withstand extreme heat. One of the reason some users don't prefer titanium nails over quartz is it can sometimes taint your vapor with a metallic flavor. One of the most convenient aspects of most titanium nails is they are adjustable so you can use the same nail with a wide range of joint sizes and genders.

Ceramic Nails

Ceramic nails are known for adding more flavor when you dab which some people prefer and others don't. In terms of durability ceramic nails are the weakest and risk cracking after extreme use. In addition ceramic takes a longer time to heat than quartz or titanium nails.

Dab Nails Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Dab Nail?

Dab nails are used to heat the oils or concentrates and are inserted into the dab rig to create a flow of smoke. We carry dab nails made of several different materials, each of which has different advantages. We also have several options for domeless, adjustable and multi-size nails. Before purchasing your own dab nail, find out which one is right for you.

What kind of nails do you use for dabs?

You can use any type of dab nails for dabbing! No matter what size or joint type your dab rig is we have every size and type of dab nail to make it work! Our most popular dab nail is the terp slurper which is our best selling nail.

How do you heat a dab nail?

The proper way to heat a nail is to use a dab torch. You can't just use any normal torch or it won't push out enough heat to properly heat your nail. You also don't want to use a torch that is too big or you could risk damaging your glass rig.

Whats the difference between and dab nail and a banger?

The main difference is bangers have a slight angle to them which moves the bucket and dabbing part of nail farther away from your rig. Like we mentioned above this is a benefit to prevent accidental heat stress on your rig from the torch. However, all nails and bangers work the same and achieve the same results.


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