Quartz Banger with 4mm Thick White Bottom

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A unique style quartz banger with a deep bucket!

This quartz banger nail features a flat top design with a super deep bucket and a 4mm thick white quartz bottom. The white quartz bottom is what sets this nail apart from all other quartz bangers on the market. The unique style increases heat retention and also gives your nail a unique style. The deep bucket and high airflow joint allow you to add large amount of your legal waxes and oils for massive smooth and flavorful hits. The flat top design allows for almost any carb cap to fit perfectly to maximize the flavor and vapor from your concentrates.


  • Quartz Banger Nail
  • Flat Top Design
  • 4mm Thick White Quartz Bottom
  • Male Joint 
  • High AirFlow Bucket
  • Deep Bucket Design
  • Polished Joint/ 32mm Diameter 
  • 14mm Joint