Reclaim Catcher with Silicone Jar

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This 14mm,18mm male reclaim catcher features a silicone container at the bottom to catch excess oil. The 14mm male joint features a 14mm female joint for your dab nail so your joint remains the same on your dab rig. This reclaim catcher helps keep your rig clean in addition to catching excess oil so you can reuse it later. Unlike glass reclaim catchers the silicone nonstick jar makes it much easier to remove the excess oil. The silicone jar is a standard 7mm round size so you can use any compatible jar if your's is full or you lose it.

If you are dabbing without using a reclaim catcher you are seriously missing out. This ensures none of your precious concentrates go to waste. 

  • 14mm,18 Male Joint to 14mm,18 Female Joint
  • Includes silicone jar
  • Traps excess oil for later use
  • Keeps rig clean
  • Top Bowl Design will vary In style for complete set 

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