Toker Vape

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Toker Vapes are one of our best-selling products. These small, compact vapes are fully compatible with any oil extract or dry herb. Because vaping exploded on the scene, we have prioritized providing the premier vaping technology for you. We sell vapes online to provide customers located throughout the country with an affordable, portable, and enjoyable method of smoking. Our vapes offer the highest level of portability available. Smaller than the standard pen, our discreet vapes will fit in your pocket without the added baggage or odd shapes that other methods of smoking impose. All of our vapes include a fully functional charging unit, which can plug into a standard USB wall charger for easy, convenient charging. They also conserve power with a button, which is used to activate the heating element and make vaping possible.

Our vapes allow you to be far more health conscious when smoking herbs. Because vapes do not generate any actual smoke that would enter your lungs, they are far less likely to cause or contribute to cancer or heart attacks.

Additionally, all of our cheap vapes are compatible with both dry herbs and oils and extracts, a great feature for those who already have the oils or dry herbs that they prefer to smoke. Even in the absence of a flame, our online vapes will still heat your dry herbs or oils to the combustion temperature required for smoking.

Buying vapes online will give you many options to choose from. Our premium vapes, such as the Toker Vape Pro, has an additional temperature adjustment feature available, which will help you to further maximize your smoking experience.

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Toker Vape 2.0 Battery - Toker Supply

Toker Vape 2.0 Battery

$ 24.99
FREE Discreet Shipping

Replacement Battery for the Toker Vape 2.0 Includes only the battery. The Toker Vape 2.0 also works great for pre-filled cartridges

Toker Vape Slim

Toker Vape Slim

$ 19.99
FREE Discreet Shipping

Introducing the Toker Vape Slim a smaller version of our popular Toker Vape! The Toker Vape Slim is smaller and more compact than the larger Toker ...

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Toker Vape Wax Atomizer

Toker Vape Wax Atomizer

$ 14.99
FREE Discreet Shipping

Introducing the Toker Vape Wax Atomizer. It will fit on any of our Toker Vape batteries. It is meant for full melt products only, does NOT work wi...

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Toker Vape 2.0 - Toker Supply
Sold out

Toker Vape 2.0

$ 49.99
$ 29.99
FREE Discreet Shipping

Introducing the new and improved Toker Vape 2.0 The original Toker Vape was one of our best selling products ever, and we thought it was time for a...

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