How To Clean Your Pipe

How To Clean Your Pipe - Step by Step

How to clean your water pipe, bubbler, glass pipe, chillum, or any other glass piece you might have!

What You Will Need:

1. Dirty Water Pipe

2. Sink & Hot Water

3. Coarse Salt

4. Cleaning Solution

5. Res Caps

Step #1: Cleaning The Main Section

When cleaning your water pipe, the first thing you want to do is take all the pieces apart carefully. Make sure you place them on something so they wont roll off onto the floor and break

Step #2: Rinse With HOT Water

Turn your sink on to as hot as the water will go (be carefuly you don't burn yourself) Rinse the entire pipe with hot water to remove any ash or debris and to loosen up the tough resin that is stuck to the glass.

Step #3: Add Coarse Salt

Dump in a good amount of coarse salt, we say coarse because it doesnt dissolve as quickly and acts like a scrubber for your glass! Make sure to get salt in all the different spots on your pipe, but not too much that the alcohol can't ge through.

Step #4: Pour In Cleaning Solution

There are many different glass cleaning solutions on the market, most of which are overpriced. We reccomend using either 91% Isopropyl Alcohol or Green Glass Clean. Both are low price glass cleaning solutions. Green Glass clean is made in house and is an all nature cleaner for your glass!

Step #5: Shake Like Crazy

Not that you have your cleaning solution and salt in the pipe its time to shake like crazy and let the salt and cleaner do the work! Before shaking you will want to plug up all open holes so that your nasty pipe water doesn't go flying everywhere. The easiest and most effective way to cover the holes is with Res Caps.

The Best Torch For Dabbing

Finally, dump out all the cleaning solution and salt. thoroughly rinse your water pipe with hot water to ensure that all the cleaner and salt is out. Dry your water pipe with a towel and re insert all the pieces. Make sure not to add cold water right after cleaning your pipe with hot water. It can cause the glass to break.

Picture Source: wikihow

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