Double 8 Arm Tree Perc Bong

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  • Triple Percolators for insane diffusion
  • Double 8 arm tree percolators with zero drag
  • Bent neck to prevent splashback
  • Thick rounded base for added stability
  • 14mm female joint with matching bowl piece
  • 10 inches tall

Top notch diffusion without any drag

This triple perc bong contains double 8 arm tree perc and slitted perc in the bottom chamber for an insane amount of diffusion but without any drag. This piece is made with thick borosilicate glass and features a thick rounded base for added stability. The beck neck design ensures that no nasty bong water ever reaches your mouth. The combination of all three percolators give you the most pleasant smoking experience possible to ensure you get the most of your sessions. This piece features an 14mm female joint and includes a matching bowl piece. This makes for an excellent dab rig, just add an 14mm male quartz banger nail!