4/20 Complete Dabbers Bundle

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Deal Includes:

  • 12" Honeycomb Zong Bong
  • Thermal Quartz Banger Nail
  • Directional Carb Cap
  • Lego Silicone Dab Container (Color may vary)
  • Medium Dab Torch (Design may vary)
  • Dabber Tool

This 4/20 bundle deal includes everything you need to get started with dabbing or to add to your dab collection. The honeycomb perc provides the perfect amount of diffusion while maintaining the flavor from your concentrates. The thermal banger and directional airflow carb cap ensure maximum flavor and vaporization from your waxes. The silicone container allows you to store even the stickest concentrates without getting stuck to the container. The separate compartments enable you to carry a variety of strains without mixing them.