5 Inch Dichro Glass Bubbler


  • Glass Bubbler
  • Dichroic Glass
  • Rounded Mouthpiece
  • Deep Bowl
  • Blue or Red Accents
  • Thick Glass

This 5 inch dichro glass bubbler features dichroic glass that makes the glass sparkle and change colors in different lighting. It features a bent neck design, deep bowl, fixed downstem, thick glass, rounded mouthpiece, and colored glass. Each bubbler is unique and handblown, so exact colors and designs may vary slightly. Please leave an order note with your color preference.

For a smaller bubbler, this beautiful dichroic glass hand bubbler has all the functionality of much bigger glass pipes, but is a lot easier to travel with. The cool glass pipe design, and unique look of this bubbler pipe is obvious at first glance, but what doesn't show is how well it does its job to filter and diffuse your smoke.

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