7" Galaxy Hammer Bubbler


  • Portable Glass Water Pipe
  • Hammer Style Design
  • Deep Bowl
  • Wide Mouthpiece for Increased Airflow
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Large Chamber and Sturdy Base

A hammer bubbler is a stylish and more portable way to enjoy waterpipe filtration in a smaller, more portable glass handpipe. This Glass Hammer Bubbler has a cool blue spotted design that reminds me of outer space. This beautiful glass water pipe features a hammer style design, a fixed downstem that filters and diffuses your smoke, and a wide mouthpiece for increased airflow. The unique colors and design are sure to make this glass piece stand out in your glass collection. This hammer bubbler has a deep bowl so you can fit as much or as little dry herbs or tobacco, a large chamber and a wide base so your piece sits safely.

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