8" Honeycomb Straight Tube Water Pipe

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  • 8 inches tall
  • Female 14mm joint
  • Honeycomb percolator
  • Thick scientific glass
  • Includes Dry Herb Bowl
  • Wide, sturdy base
  • Can easily be converted to a dab rig
  • Compatible with 14mm quartz dab nail
  • Ice catcher

The 8” Honeycomb Straight Tube Water Pipe is the perfect low-budget piece for smokers that enjoy smooth, cool hits. With a honeycomb perc and an accented pipe, this piece will be sure to impress visually and functionally.

With several filtration methods during the smoking process, this bong will ensure that you take great-tasting hits during each smoking session. First, smoke will flow from the bowl, through the joint, and into the water chamber. After being diffused by the water, smoke will then flow through the honeycomb perc, which contains many slits that filter the smoke. As the smoke flows upward, it will go through the top of the pipe. The ice catcher allows you to insert ice cubes (without the potential for the ice falling), adding an additional layer of filtration for your smoke. These awesome filtration features will help you to take great-tasting hits each time you smoke from your bong.

The accented straight tube gives this piece an awesome distinguishing look. And, the straight tube shape of this bong will also help you clear the bong quickly, meaning you can take huge bong rips with ease. At 8” tall, this water pipe is perfect for a designated travel piece. The thick scientific glass will not waver from light falls that might break weaker pieces. With the excellent filtration capability, it’s also the ideal piece for use in your smoking room. Whether you’re learning how to smoke a bong or are a seasoned veteran, the 8” Honeycomb Straight Tube Water Pipe will help you to enjoy the smoking experience to the fullest.

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Kait E.

Perfect for casual use

Sturdy, clean flow, nice filter.

Matt C.



Christopher R.

Sick glass

The honeycomb bong is good it's well the glass is great but I bought two honeycomb bongs by mistake didn't mean to but so far it's all good

Hunter P.

Great piece

I was very satisfied with my purchase the bong hits great

Ashley A.

Amazing upgrade

I bought this piece to upgrade from my mini bong. I went all out and bought the ash Catcher as well. I am in love and mad that I didn't do this years ago! The piece gives amazingly smooth pulls and the ash catcher makes a clean up a breeze!! Its not too small or too big... just right :ok_hand::type_6:

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