Amethyst Quartz Crystal Stone Pipe

The most popular stone out there!

The detail on this amethyst crystalpipe is truly incredible, if it didn't have a bowl in it you'd think it was the real thing! Amethyst is known for it's meditative and calming properties, which work to promote a calm, peaceful and stress-free life. Amethyst also helps to promote intellectual and deep thought. This Amethyst Quartz Crystal Stone Pipe has a built-in bowl that contains a mesh screen to hold your dry herbs and to help keep your piece clean. Enjoy a calm and carefree smoking session when using this Amethyst Quartz Crystal Stone Pipe.


  • 4" Inches Long
  • 1.5" Inches Wide
  • Made From Natural Amethyst
  • Smooth Surface
  • AirPath is Drilled In
  • Removeable Mesh Bowl
  • Purple Color

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