4/20 Ultimate Bong Bundle

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Deal Includes:

  • 18" Inline Jet Perc to Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong
  • Tree Perc Ash Catcher
  • Dry Herb Bowl

Water Pipe Features:

  • 18 inches tall
  • Inline jet and tree percolators for great filtration
  • Ice catcher for extra-cool hits
  • Huge dry herb bowl with grip
  • Wide, sturdy base
  • Dewar’s joint
  • Feels comfortable in your hands
  • Straight tube bong design
  • Clears fast
  • Perfect bong for taking huge rips
  • Durable glass design

The Inline Jet Perc to Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong combines an awesome scientific glass design with excellent filtration for a high-quality smoking experience! Whether you’re looking for a bong to smoke with friends or a piece for daily use, the Inline Jet Perc to Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong is the perfect choice.

For smokers who enjoy the smooth, clean taste of smoking a water pipe, the Inline Jet Perc to Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong has everything. After moving from the dry herb bowl and through the glass stem, the smoke passes through the inline percolator. Featuring multiple slits, this perc filters the smoke, removing the harsh taste. Then, the smoke progresses into the water chamber, which also diffuses the smoke. As the smoke rises, it also passes through the tree perc, which again has a filtering effect on the smoke.

Thanks to the ice catcher, you can insert several ice cubes into your water pipe without worrying about them falling into the main chamber. This can make a real difference when you enjoy extra-cool smoke.

The sleek, clear scientific glass design means that you can watch as the bubbles stack! This awesome feature is sure to impress smokers in any group setting. The straight tube style allows you to clear this bong faster than most other pieces. And, the huge bowl has plenty of space for dry herbs, meaning you can enjoy more smoking with less downtime!

The Inline Jet Perc to Tree Perc Straight Tube Bong is sure to last through the years! Crafted with high-quality scientific glass, this piece won’t break easily. The Dewar’s Joint between the water pipe and the glass stem helps to keep it intact, and the wide base will help keep it upright on any flat surfaces.

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Karl Krueger

Great Customer Servive and products too...

The bong is awesome and price even better. When it arrived the bowl was broken. I sent an email and had a new bowl in two days! Great service, price and the luxury of shopping from home. Thanks!

jason M.
United States

Best bong ever.

Once I saw it I knew it would be a cleaner hit. It keeps so clean. You guys also sent me a 2nd correct bowl piece for the bong. I guess after I posted on IG with the bowl that came with it, someone on your side noticed it was the wrong bowl and sent out a 2nd immediately without question. Great service, I actually prefer the 1st bowl for solo sessions. So it works out perfect.

Matt S.

4/20 bong bundle spectacular

I broke my old piece so i needed a new one, clearly the best option was to go through you guys. My new piece hits very smooth and does a very nice job. Not only that but nothing compares to toker supply glass, its super durable.

Hans S.

This piece is a champ,

This piece is a champ, it really makes you respect it, if you rip it like a ***** it will be harsh but if you hit it hard and clear it harder this piece gives enormous Rips that are extremely smooth

Matthew Z.

Great setup

I love this bundle. The bong (even without the ashcatcher) is incredibly smooth, and the stereo matrix perc is one of my favorites. The ashcatcher is a wonderful addition. The hole in the bowl is a bit large, but simply add a screen and you've fixed every problem with this fantastic piece.