11" Inline Perc Bong

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  • Black accents
  • 3.5” base
  • Thick, scientific clear glass
  • Inline percolator for additional filtration
  • Ice catcher for smooth, cool hits
  • Flared mouthpiece for an airtight grip
  • 14 mm 90 degree female joint
  • Great bong priced under $100

The 11” Inline Perc Bong helps you enjoy your dry herb to the fullest with an inline percolator and an ice catcher, giving you smooth hits during each smoking session. 

The 11” Inline Perc Bong leaves nothing to chance, with excellent filtration capabilities that take the harsh quality out of the smoke during each session. After passing through the bowl and into the water chamber, the smoke will hit the inline perc. This tube-shaped piece contains several slits, which the smoke flows through, which cools the smoke. With the ice catcher positioned above the inline perc, you can cool each hit to a comfortable temperature.

The black inline percolator stands out in the scientific tube bong, creating a unique aesthetic. The flared mouthpiece helps you keep a tight grip while smoking, which prevents any unused smoke from escaping.

For smokers that enjoy variety, this bong can easily be converted into a dab rig. Simply remove the bowl, and insert a quartz banger nail. Then, you can enjoy the great taste of your concentrates with the filtration capabilities of this water pipe.

As a bong under $100, this is the perfect piece for new smokers attempting to learn how to smoke a bong. It’s also a great holiday gift for the toker in your life. This water pipe brings great value at a low price, and helps you enjoy cool, smooth hits during each smoking session.

Built with thick, scientific glass, this durable piece will be sure to withstand minor points of impact, meaning you can enjoy great-tasting hits for years to come. The 3.5” base will help you keep it stable on any surface, preventing fall damage.  

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