11" Jade White Honeycomb to UFO Perc Water Pipe

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  • Honeycomb and UFO percolators for excellent filtration
  • Straight tube shape
  • Includes deep bowl
  • 18 mm joint
  • Flared mouthpiece
  • Clear, thick scientific glass
  • Jade white glass accents for neat aesthetic
  • Easy to clean

The 11” Jade White Honeycomb to UFO Perc Water Pipe provides smokers with a top-of-the-line smoking experience, featuring honeycomb and UFO percolators that deliver on excellent filtration during each hit.

This water pipe is the ideal piece for smokers that enjoy smooth, cool hits during each smoking session. As you inhale, smoke will proceed from the bowl, through the joint and into the base water chamber of the bong. From there, the smoke will continue to be filtered, passing through the honeycomb perc. This percolator contains 30 holes, which the smoke passes through, removing some of the harsh qualities. The smoke will then continue to move through the water pipe, passing through the UFO perc, which has slits at its base to filter the smoke even more. With two chambers, this piece provides state-of-the-art filtration that makes for a great smoking experience.

Built with scientific glass, this piece will withstand the damage that might easily break pipes made from weaker materials. The jade white accents create a sophisticated look for your water pipe. The straight tube shape of this bong makes it easy to clean, meaning that you can enjoy clean hits without excess ash or other residue making an impact.

This water pipe comes with a deep bowl, which is perfect for extended smoking sessions. The flared mouthpiece makes it easy to place your mouth on the piece, without allowing any unused smoke to escape.

The 11” Jade White Honeycomb to UFO Perc Water Pipe is also the perfect bong for smokers who occasionally enjoy smoking concentrates. By removing the bowl and instead inserting a quartz banger nail, you can convert your water pipe into a dab rig and smoke concentrates with absolute ease.

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