14" Matrix Perc to Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe

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  • 90 degree 18mm joint with fixed downstem
  • Honeycomb and matrix barrel percolator
  • Clear, thick scientific glass
  • Dome splashguard
  • Ice catcher
  • Dewar’s joint
  • Sturdy base prevents falls

The 14” Matrix Perc to Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe has everything that people who love smoking bongs look for in a piece, with multiple percolators, an ice catcher, and a neat scientific aesthetic. This water pipe offers cool, smooth hits during each smoking session, and is the perfect piece for either daily use or occasional smoking sessions.

With two percolators, this piece goes the extra mile in helping you to take great-tasting hits without any harsh aftertaste. After passing into the water chamber, the smoke will travel from the bowl through to the matrix percolator, with plenty of slits that effectively filter the smoke. Then, the smoke moves throughout the water pipe and through the honeycomb perc, featuring 30 holes that will further diffuse the smoke. The 14” Matrix Perc to Honeycomb Perc Water Pipe also has an ice catcher, meaning you can insert ice cubes for extra-cool hits, without worrying about ice falling into the water chamber.

Built with scientific glass, this water pipe creates a cool, lab-like aesthetic, while also withstanding damage from falls. The Dewar’s joint ensures that the bowl remains connected to the glass pipe. And, the sturdy base will keep this water pipe stable in your smoking room.

The flared mouthpiece at the top of this bong will help you to comfortably take hits, without the risk of smoke escaping. Featuring a built-in splash guard, you can rest assured that no water will hit you as you smoke from this bong-- even when you’re taking monster bong rips.

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