Double Stereo Perc Water Pipe

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  • Thick, sturdy 4.5” circular base
  • 12 Inches Tall
  • 18mm Female Joint
  • Stereo matrix perc for awesome filtration
  • Bent neck with flared mouthpiece to prevent splashback
  • Thick, clear scientific glass
  • Dewar’s joint for sturdy construction

The Double Stereo Perc Water Pipe gives you the ideal hit during every smoking session, with a complex stereo matrix perc for excellent filtration, and an awesome scientific design.

This complex water pipe features multiple methods of filtration, giving you the smooth, cool hits that bongs are known for. First, the smoke flows through the bowl and into the pipe, where it is diffused by the water chamber. It then flows through the first stereo percolator, entering and exiting the various slits for excellent filtration. Next, the smoke flows upward through the second stereo perc, adding to the filtration. With several stops along the way, you can enjoy cool, smooth hits during each smoking session.

The bent neck mouthpiece adds to the scientific appeal of the piece, while also enhancing its function. It not only acts as a splash guard, protecting you from water while taking huge bong rips, but enhances your grip as well.

While primarily intended to smoke dry herb, this water pipe can also be used as a dab rig. You can smoke concentrates by removing the herb bowl and inserting a quartz banger nail.

Built with thick scientific glass, the Double Stereo Perc Water Pipe has a sturdy construction. The wide base will keep this bong stable on any flat surface, minimizing its chances of breaking. The Dewar’s joint strengthens the connection between the bowl piece and the tube of the bong.

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