Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler

$ 45.00
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  • Dab rig bubbler
  • Bent neck design
  • Includes 18mm female dome and nail
  • Awesome for smoking concentrates on the go
  • Can also be used to smoke dry herbs
  • Flat, circular mouthpiece
  • Maria rings
  • 18mm male joint
  • 2.5” wide
  • Thick scientific glass
  • Showerhead perc for great filtration

The Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler is the perfect piece for smokers who love smoking concentrates, and need a small piece to bring along on the road! Featuring a showerhead perc and a water chamber, this piece will help you to enjoy the clean taste of filtered smoke.

The Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler has all of the same features that dab rigs have in a smaller, and more compact package! With this bubbler rig, you can enjoy the awesome taste of your concentrates. After heating your concentrates, the smoke will flow from the dab nail, through the downstem, and the showerhead percolator. This glass feature contains many slits, which diffuse the smoke as it passes through. Then, it enters the water chamber, which also has a cooling effect. When the smoke reaches the mouthpiece, it will have a smooth, great-tasting flavor! This piece is perfect for smokers who need a convenient way to smoke concentrates while traveling to a friend’s house, or across the country.

The Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler has an awesome scientific aesthetic! With clear glass, you can observe as the smoke flows through the percolator and the water chamber. The Maria ring adds an additional flair! Because it is crafted with thick and durable glass, the Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler won’t break under pressure from excess heat.

With a few easy changes, you can convert the Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler to be used with dry herbs! Simply remove the dab nail, and instead insert a dry herb bowl!

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